photo by Matteo Cocco

photo by Matteo Cocco

Christoph Köstlin was born in Germany in 1983.

After school he then finished his classic training as a portrait-photographer in Cologne and moved to Zürich, Switzerland.

Inspired by the creative scene in Zürich, Christoph devoted himself to fashion photography first and over the next years he spent several months in fashion capitals like New York, Paris and Milano, assisting various well known photographers. Following this he developed fashion-editorials of his own in Cape Town, the Namibian desert and in various European countries, from Italy to Spain, Lithuania to Iceland.

Besides fashion, Christoph worked on his portrait-portfolio. With a good sense of strong characters, he managed to capture the portraits of various famous German artists as well as international world-stars like Joe Cocker and Skin of Skunk Anansie.

Always balancing between fashion and portrait-productions, Christoph works independently, which allows him (besides taking photos) to follow his other passion even further: traveling to exciting places around the world.